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"MegaSack" Brand Bulk Bags

Our company manufactures the "MegaSack" brand bulk bag sometimes referred to as "one ton tote bags." Our "MegaSack" has a reputation for being a strong, quality FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) at a fair price. The MegaSack bulk bag is made to the MegaSack proven standard of strength. Our woven polypropylene bag is better than others because we use stronger lift loops, more stitching, and heavier fabric.

Bulk bags may be a commodity item, but our MegaSacks do not have to perform like a commodity item.  Each bag design we sell has been tested to do just what we say it will.  While our bags may be made overseas like most other bulk bag companies, they are made to our specification not to the specification someone else thinks we need.  MegaSacks can be used for several applications including industrial and agricultural applications.  Our custom printed bags with your logo can assist you in the sale and promotion of your product. 

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Megasack bulk bags

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