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Paper Poly Laminate Bags

While our main product offering is the MegaSack Brand Bulk Bag, we do offer other smaller bags.

We offer several Paper Poly Laminate bags from stock.  These are some of the strongest bags available for packing small lots such as 50 lbs.

We have many common sizes for all sorts of applications including corn, seed, and feed.

We can print your logo on orders as small as 1000 pcs with a competitive lead-time. 

Our print plate charges are reasonable and we can help with your artwork design.

Our Paper Poly Laminate Bags are made to be sewn by a hand sewer or on a sewing line.

Paper Poly Laminate Bags are made by laminating the paper of a normal Multi-Wall Paper Bag to the Woven Polypropylene of a Woven Poly bag.  The bags have the nice look of paper on the outside with the strength of the Woven Polypropylene on the inside.  With the two parts being laminated together the Paper Poly Laminate bag has a natural moisture barrier.

Our Paper Poly Laminate Bags normally come with either a Natural Brown Kraft Exterior or a Bleach White Kraft Exterior.  The internal Woven Polypropylene layer is of white fabric in 800 or 850 denier.  The Woven Poly Laminate bags usually come with a thumb notch and anti-skid.  

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paper poly laminated bags

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