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Stretch Wrap

While our main product offering is the MegaSack Brand Bulk Bag, we do offer other packaging products.

We also offer Hand Grade Stretch Wrap and Machine Grade Stretch Wrap.  We like to stay with a good quality gauge, so the Hand Grade Stretch Wrap we prefer is 90 Gauge.  We have several options on Machine Grade Stretch Wrap, but we usually stay with a 80 Gauge.  We do have other gauges of each in stock.

Stretch Wrap sometimes known Shrink Wrap can be used with a by hand, with a hand dispenser, or on an automated machine. It is used to help secure small bags together and to the pallet. It normally has a cardboard type core that allows the wrap to be on a roll.

Hand Grade Stretch Wrap is usually 18” width with 1500’ per roll.  There are 4 rolls in a case.

Machine Grade Stretch Wrap is usually 20” width with 5000’ per roll.

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machine grade stretch wrap
Machine Grade Stretch Wrap

hand grade stretch wrap
Hand Grade Stretch Wrap

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