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Pallet Sheets - Chipboard Pallet Liners

While our main product offering is the MegaSack Brand Bulk Bag, we do offer other packaging products. 

Our Chipboard Pallet Sheets can help to protect your product from nails, dirt, or splinters in wooden pallets.   Our Chipboard Pallet Sheets are similar in thickness to the back of a good quality legal pad. 

We offer our Chipboard Pallet Sheets in common 40” x 48” or 42” x 42” pallet sizes.  We can make other sizes as well.  Chipboard Pallet Sheets take up less space than traditional corrugated pallets sheets when being stored in your warehouse and they are usually less expensive.

Chipboard Pallet Sheets are known as Slip Sheets, Pallet Pads, or Pallet Liners.

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