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Woven Poly Laminate Bags

While our main product offering is the MegaSack Brand Bulk Bag, we do offer other smaller bags.

We offer a wide range of Woven Polypropylene Laminate Bags from stock. 

These are also known as Woven Poly Laminate Bags.

We have many common sizes for all sorts of applications rice bran and corn.

We can print Woven Poly Laminate Bags, but we like to print them as they are being made.

Our print plate charges are reasonable and we can help with your artwork design.

Our Woven Poly Laminate Bags are made to be sewn by a hand sewer or a sewing line.

Woven Poly Laminate  Bags are made from woven strands of plastic known as woven poly propylene that has a thin sheet of Polypropylene Film laminated to it.  Small strands known as tapes are made in lineal form and woven together to make the bag fabric, the Polypropylene Film is attached before the fabric is made into a bag.  Any printing is done before the bag is made while the fabric is still flat.  Woven Poly Laminate Bags offer a better quality of printing than regular Woven Poly Bags due to the smooth surface that is created by adding the Polypropylene film.

The bags have a tubular shape and a sewn closed bottom.  While the bags are tubular they can be made with gussets on each side to help with stacking. The main thing about a Woven Poly Laminate Bag is that they are not breathable.  Air cannot pass through the weave allowing the product to breath.  Woven Poly Laminate Bags are a good option for a smaller mesh products.  Woven Poly Laminate Bags are a good choice for dusty products such as Rice Bran that will sift through the weave of a regular Woven Poly Bag.

Our Woven Poly Laminate Bags usually come in and 800 or 850 denier with up to a 1 mil thick Polypropylene Film, heat cut  tops, and white in color.  We also have some sizes available with an EZ Open strip.

We have unprinted Woven Poly Laminate Bags as stock items.

Give us a call or email to see what we can do for you.

woven poly laminated bags

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