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Ventilated Bulk Bags

The MegaSack Corporation is a distributor of Ventilated Bulk Bags. 

We normally have several thousand of these Ventilated Bulk Bags available.  The Ventilated Bulk Bag allows air flow into the product being carried in the bag. 

We mainly provide the Ventilated Bulk Bag to the Pecan Industry. The Ventilated Bulk Bags we offer have the capacity to carrier 1500 lbs or 2000 lbs of Pecans.  They have NO top and oversize bottom spouts for discharging the product.  The side panels are equipped with 13 vent strips on all 4 sides for increased air flow.

In addition to the Ventilated Bulk Bag, we offer regular breathable MegaSacks with the Duffle top and bottom spout.

We have these regular breathable MegaSacks for Pecans in 1000 lbs, 1500 lbs, and 2000 lbs bag sizes.

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Megasack vented bulk bags

ventilated bulk bags

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